Our Training Academy is a coach-guided company that believes the grassroot level game should focus on players’ development and learning of skills that guide them not only improve their individual skills, but become better team players. Our coaches strive to promote players’ creativity as they learn their individual styles and approaches to the sport. We prepare players for their long-term careers as athletes while imparting skills they can use on and off the field. Being an athlete involves being a respectful, responsible, and hardworking person not only in the team, but in the community.


Team Training

Our Training Academy offers a professional coaching staff to enter within your organization to provide coaching services.

If your soccer organization is lacking a reliable staff of coaches, please inquire about hiring a team- or an individual coach- that can help your club build a network of dependable and hardworking instructors.

Rates are dependent on team size and hours. Please contact to explore opportunities for team training.


Individual Training

The staff at Our Training Academy offers private, one-on-one training to enhance technical skills and work on specific areas with players. This gives players the opportunity to talk out concerns with a coach that may not arise while receiving training with their team during their regularly scheduled practices.

Players will be able to not just work out problems they’ve recognized on the field, but seek advice on their play from well-trained coaches. Parents and players can contact to inquire about meeting times, all coaches are very flexible and ready to talk with potential clients.

U-12 Players and Older: $75/hour

U-11 Players and Younger $60/hour


Small Group Training

At Our Training Academy, coaches understand that sports require teamwork and are an opportunity for groups of young players to learn how to work together and have fun.

Whether you already have a team that needs a coach, or you and your squad want to work together for more training, Our Training Academy offers players a staff of coaches to ready to work with and guide players.

Groups under 5 : $20/player

Groups of 6 or more: $15/player



OTA Soccer Summer Camp is designed to promote a fun, educational environment for players of all levels to learn and develop the necessary fundamentals and skills for playing soccer. Each day will focus on a different aspect of soccer, filled with games and challenges to not only advance players soccer skills but advance their leadership skills, communication skills, decision making, and the ability to work with others.

“Watching a player work hard on improving a particular aspect of their game and their reaction to successfully achieving that goal, its one of the greatest, heartwarming feelings ever.”