Promoting homegrown talent by nurturing teams and individuals to success on and off the pitch.

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The long term effects of the Our Training Academy system are tremendous compared to competing soccer programs. Through OTA, players don’t just learn the rules and regulations of the sport, but the respect and responsibility that comes with being a team member.

Young players working towards the same goal together creates a bond and gives them social experiences sometimes outside of their comfort zones. Coming together not only as a team, but as a family, everyone is both a team-player and a leader. 

Getting your child involved in youth sports has many benefits. Our Training Academy’s objective with all players is to promote success on and off the field. Experience in working with a sports team can improve communication, social, and problem-solving skills, all while boosting confidence and improving attitude.

Communication is key, especially in a fast-paced team sport such as soccer. Working along not only with teammates, but with coaches as well, players learn how to properly express themselves and their ideas. The first priority of the coaching staff is to build confidence not only in the players they coach, but the young people they mentor along the way. 

“Sports are very crucial for a community. For many players, practices/games are their favorite part of their day and/or week, it also serves as a safe environment for many players. Being able to see the face of a player light up when they arrive at training or learn new techniques or score a goal…that brings me joy. So, what do I gain from coaching? Everything, coaching makes me have a sense of completeness as a person.”