Hello All,

Please use the chart below as a reference as to where to register each participant. Payments can be made at the very first clinic either cash or check made payable to Our Training Academy LLC. If you wish to pay with card please speak to someone on staff at the clinic. Please arrive to each clinic 15 minutes prior to the start time to sign in. Also, we advise you bring a water bottle or sports drink and shin guards for your kids protection. Thanks and we can’t wait to see you on the pitch.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us.


— OTA Staff

please complete the following participation application and waiver below: 

Name of Participant *
Name of Participant
Address *
Home Phone
Home Phone
Parent/Guardian 1 *
Parent/Guardian 1
Parent/Guardian 1 Phone Number *
Parent/Guardian 1 Phone Number
Secondary Emergency Contact *
Secondary Emergency Contact
Please provide a second phone number in case of emergency.
Please list any allergies or other health concerns about your child. Include anything you would like the coaching staff know about your child. Please also provide information concerning the primary way your child will go home each day. Thank you.
Accident and Liability Agreement *
Please read and understand the accident waiver and release of liability statement. This is required for all participants.
Media Release Agreement *
Please be advised that during practice or game sessions, your child may be photographed or video recorded with the intent of sharing it within the various OTA social medias to display and advertise the accomplishments of the players, teams, and coaches. With your consent, the photos and videos may be reproduced or released for the use in medias such as brochures, Instagram, Facebook, and the OTA website. Please indicate your preference below, choose one.